Monday, January 30, 2012

How to make your lipstick last longer!

If you are a newbie or just not sure if you are applying lipstick the right way on your self or client, I will tell you a few secrets on how to and how you can make it last even.....

1. First start of by applying foundation on your lips and let it sit on for a few sec. This will set the base for your make-up.

2. Take a lip liner pencil, similar to the lipstick color that you are going to use and

apply it either just inside your natural lip line if you have full lips, or just on the outside of your natural lip line for smaller lips.

3. Take your lipstick color and apply it with your lipstick brush.

4. Blot your lips with tissue

5. Reapply a 2nd coat of lipstick 

6. Blot your lips again with tissue

7. Set translucent powder on the lips

8. Apply gloss if you want a glossy look.

Hope you enjoy this post and learned something new.
If you would like to share with us NEW ideas on how to get the perfect lips
or how to make lips last longer please post them on our comments I will be glad to hear them.

Hugs & Lipgloss

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you did not know MUFE has a pro card "BackStage Card" for who ever is in the beauty Industry. They have students kits and anyone can purchase them even if you do not have the card but you will have to pay FULL price and with the Pro card you get 50% off.

Make Up For Ever has 5 Different kits. I purchased the Essential Kit and I love it . I am a HUGE mufe fan so of course I would be in love =)

Just look at all these goodies .....

Heres what the Essential Kit came with

6 colors HD Foundation
HD Powder
2 Concealer Palette
10 color empty eyeshaow Palette
4 color empty blush palette
5 color lip palette
10 Refill eyeshadow
4 Refill blush
Clear glossy full
2 Aqua Lip pencil
2 Aqua eye pencil
Smokey lash mascara
Double Sharpener
Large Clear pouch bag

To purchase your kit just go to


Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey Beauty fans!
My name is Jordan, I am a 22yr old MUA and Hairstylist. I have a beautiful 1 yr old girl name princess , she is my pride&joy. I love all things beauty and working in this industry. My passion is makeup, I live, talk, breathe, dream about it. I have been doing makeup and hair for about 8 yrs now and I LOVE IT!

I made this blog so I can share my ideas, tips&tricks, tutorials, hauls, reviews, and more. I am here also to make new friends that has the same interest as me . I am a newbie with all this blogging stuff so please bare with me . If you need or want a specific topic you would like me to talk about please dont hesitate and let me know I will be glad to share it . You can email me or visit my facebook page .

Thank you and Welcome to My Beauty World!!!!!