Monday, March 19, 2012

Be apart of a new Fashion&Beauty Magazine?

Since my passion is fashion and beauty I decided to start a new magazine called SugarHouse. Its about anyone in the fashion and beauty Industry who is in the glam and scene/alternative world. This magazine is about artist who wants to go further in their career and who deserve the expose that they need. The readon why I went toward HIGH FASHION in a Glam and Scene/Alternative world is because those styles shows creativity and can tell a persons story. SugarHouse Magazine will reach toward young teens to mid adults . We are a print/online magazine that will be seen and purchase on magcloud. Our first Issue will be out in May or June, and we already have a few Designers and Photographers lined up for this Issue .
We are looking for many talents such as Designers, Models, MUA, Hairstylist, Photographers, Writers, and more . Since this is our first we are looking for contributers who would like to be apart. Also if you would like us to advertise your business we would love to have you. I already have Interviews lined up that will be featured and I am looking for new ideas . Heres a few Articles I would like to have ...

A life as a ......... (Model, MUA,HS,Designer,Etc.) 
*Meaning sharing your day/life doing what you do and how you go on about your day)

Tips and Tricks (Bloggers, MUA,HS, Designers, Nails, Etc.)

Fashion tips such as Do's and Dont's and wants on trend
(Designers, Wardrobe Stylist, etc.)

Sharing your work (Portfolio)
(Photographers,Designers, MUA, HS,Models, Etc)
Photos must be Professional shots and High fashion (Glam,Scene,Alternative)

and more.....

Everyone who contributes in our magazine gets an (so-call) online tear sheet for your profolio. If you want to contribute with your own idea please contact me and I will like to hear it.

If you are interested please email me along with the following:
Status? Meaning what you do
Business Name?
What Subject you like to be apart in our first Issue?
Your FaceBook Link?
(no email address/fbname ,if theres no link where i can easly access I will delete the email)
Your MM Link? (Model Mayhem,If you have one)

I am looking foward to working with you all , please email me also if you have questions, thank you.



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  2. thank you to submit please send me an email from the email address above. thank you =)

  3. i can't wait to be part of this blog ;)

  4. Just sent all my information via email. Hope to hear from you soon.

    xo-Chelise from